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I was brought up in a small fishing town called Maryport on the west coast of the Lake District, Cumbria. When I am not caught with a camera in my hand you will often find me relaxing with my lovely family and friends.

I started photographer in my late teens by exploring the beautiful Lake District with old friend capturing landscape photos, from there I worked my way into photographing my sister with her horse Harvey. This was where I found a niche opportunity to cover expand into Equestrian Photography.

I then took several training courses in Southern England where I gained a Silver certificate in Equestrian and Event Photography. I created Matt’s Equestrian Photography where I photographed all Equestrian events within Cumbria.

Originally was scared of photographing anything else but horses, however after lots of persuasion from some close friends they got me to shoot their wedding in late 2014 which turned out quite stressful whilst enjoyable and furthermore they are still speaking to me! So in 2016 I then expanded my business and opened Matt Hodgson Photography after undertaking a series of Wedding Photography workshops and courses, since then I have completed over 200 weddings and I now photograph 35-50 weddings every year.

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